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Ami Nicole AKA ACRONYM is a Photographer, Journalist, Content Creator, Influencer, Event Curator, and Designer from the Metro Detroit, Michigan Area.


“At the end of the day, I always hope that I’ve left some sort of mark on the world. Whether that’s me showing someone that they can be an Entrepreneur while having Anxiety or Depression (leading by example as a Mental Health advocate), teaching others a topic or lesson that will help them in life, or simply being there to create joy or evoke emotion from my art and content that I produce. If I can make a better day or more informed life for someone with what I create, I am a success.” – ‘The Bluntness’ – ‘Friend of The Bluntness: Ami Nicole, The Force Behind ACRONYM’

Ami Nicole aka ACRONYM is a wheelhouse of creativity, stemming from multiple disciplines after years of study and experience. With the hybrid of both college education and hands-on professional training, she is now known as a “Swiss Army Knife of Creativity” that can “handle any task thrown at her.” 

At the age of 13, Amy Cooper aka Ami Nicole / ACRONYM began her Photography journey by learning Darkroom Photography, and then branched out to Digital Photography, Graphic and Web Design, and creating physical works of art on clothing, decals, and more.

After college, she began working as a Portrait Photographer under the name ACRONYM, and with an initial emphasis on Tattoo and Alternative Modeling. Ami Nicole has been published in multiple magazines including Inked Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Skin and Ink Magazine, and Product Photography with clothing brands like InkAddict and Sullen Art Collective.

Simultaneously, ACRONYM expanded her footprint within Landscapes, specializing in Urban Exploring Photography (the art of Photography within accessible Abandoned Buildings). Combining both Portraiture and Urbex, ACRONYM pioneered a grunge-esque portraiture style that was unparalleled in her network. In 2017, she won Hour Detroit’s “Best of Detroit” Award for “Best Portrait Photographer” (she also won “Best Local Website” in the same year). 

During the daytime hours, Ami Nicole began working for Beasley Media Group (formerly Greater Media), and used her success with her independent online zine to get her foot in the door, and became a Professional Music and Pop Culture Journalist for over 60 Radio Station websites across the U.S., as well as picking up bylines in High Times Magazine, The Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily, and her own outlet, ACRONYM.

Radio skyrocketed ACRONYM’s Concert Photography career, gaining her access to big league players like Rob Zombie, Halestorm, Five Finger Death Punch, Greta Van Fleet, Rise Against, A Day To Remember, and more. Fulfilling her Concert Photography dreams, she was able to layer this onto ACRONYM’s expanding infrastructure, harboring Photography, Design, Journalistic Writing, Social Media Strategy, and more.

Once she felt she’d reached the ceiling in Radio, Ami Nicole split off from her salary job in order to pursue ACRONYM full time. Fulfilling portraits, print sales, writing, and social media growth for brands, as well as Influencer Marketing and directing Music Videos.

ACRONYM’s directorial debut with Matt Warren’s “Get On Up” landed her first music video on MTV, BET, and VH1, and garnered over 100K views. The passion drove her to create more music videos with the label Wake Up! Music Group. She worked with the owner, Pepper Gomez, to create a Body-Positive music video with women of every size, which also landed a debut on MTV for AFTR’s “Humboldt Swagger.”

Since Music and Art have been a big part of ACRONYM’s drive and design, she began curating a larger scale arts and music festival named ‘Found in the Underground,’ which she ran bi-annually for about 3 years in Detroit, Michigan. The show boasts large crowds of over 300 attendees, 2 music stages, and over 50 artists, as well as performers, food vendors, and more.

Simultaneously, ACRONYM’s Influencer accolades drove Ami Nicole headfirst into the Cannabis world, especially during the Coronavirus 2020 Pandemic. Right out of the gate in 2016, she was offered to work with brands such as,,, and expanded her reach into affiliate and influencer marketing for multiple brands on short-term and long-term capacities, both in and out of the Cannabis field. Some highlights include Citizen App, TikTok, High Times Magazine, and Levo.

ACRONYM ZINE, Ami Nicole’s journalistic project, has covered some of the most pivotal and important boots-on-the-ground information from Culture to Cannabis, Music and Concert Coverage, Mental Health, and more. ACRONYM finds a line between telling it exactly like it is and informing viewers and readers of information that isn’t necessarily shared by mainstream media in fear of losing their funding from corporate backing.

In 2019, ACRONYM covered large-scale events such as Forbes Under 30 Summit, High Times Cannabis Cups in Clio and Detroit, as well as photographing A-List Artists like Snoop Dogg, Billie Eilish, Quavo of the Migos, The Chainsmokers, Normani, 21 Savage, and many more. In July of 2019, Ami Nicole was offered the opportunity to create 30 videos within 30 days for a new social media network called TikTok, and by the time the COVID-19 Pandemic occurred, she had already expanded her network following by thousands and viewership by millions. The now-popular app is one of ACRONYM’s favorite social media outlets, and she is working toward verification as a TikTok personality, among her other achievements.

As 2020 reared its ugly head, Ami Nicole was called back to her roots as a Journalist, embodying a vigilante of the written word, with hyper-localized coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests and corrupt practices of law enforcement, as well as covering the uprising of Trump Supporters in Detroit, Michigan in their “Stop The Steal” movement when President Biden won the state. Utilizing her online network, she speaks up as an ally to BLM, is vocal about her LGBTQ+ values and support, as well as speaking out on Cannabis in forms of Alternative Health, Federal Legalization, and reminding others that many are still in prison for practices we partake in daily. She has been very vocal in the department of Censorship in the Digital Landscape and has experienced first-hand the control of these Social Media Outlets by receiving content violations and shadowbans at any given time on both Instagram and TikTok for simply speaking on Cannabis. 

When COVID-19 restrictions loosened in 2021, and concerts returned, Ami Nicole was back out with her camera (this time, masked up), reconnecting with the musical talent on the road, and going as far as to shoot and cover over 20 bands in one 3-day weekend. She also began to fine-tune what her audience and niches were and found that she likes to focus best on Creativity, Cannabis, and to share business tips and tricks with freelancers and content creators, in between her other content. She also fosters a safe mental space, letting know her friends and followers that her DMs are always open if they need someone to talk to, and is known to share good mental health information in her Instagram Stories, giving others an opportunity to respond privately if they need to talk.

As she’s evolved over the years, Ami Nicole and “ACRONYM” have continued to stick to the mantra that came with the name all those years ago. An acronym “stands for something,” and looking back on the career so far, ACRONYM stands for living life through art, creativity, sticking up for what is right, being honest and upfront about life’s hurdles, and showing that you can achieve anything you want through your obstacles (and that there’s no such thing as a “lazy stoner”).




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“I love the culture of the Cannabis Community, and the support that they offer is unlike any other. A lot of us are willing to support each other, even if some of us haven’t met in person. The internet is truly a blessing in many ways, and it motivates me to stay in touch and create with recommendations in my reviews of products, inspiring others to find their path in Cannabis and education for those who want to know about the benefits of Cannabis but don’t know where to start their search.” – ‘The Bluntness’ – ‘Friend of The Bluntness: Ami Nicole, The Force Behind ACRONYM’




ACRONYM LLC is a one-stop shop of a creative firm, photography, journalism, art and events curation, design, web, and just about anything creative you can think of. The head, Ami Nicole, also serves as a content creator for brands/marketing as an influencer, and Editor-in-Chief of ACRONYM ZINE, housed on

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