Ami Nicole, ACRONYM (legal name Amy Cooper), discovered her love for photography at an early age. Starting with 35mm film and developing in the darkroom, she learned the fundamentals of her craft and what it means to capture a compelling image. To add more fuel to her creativity, by the time she graduated from high school, she was the Co-Editor-in-Chief and Photo Editor of the newspaper, gaining tutelage from a workshop with a professor from Syracuse University held at Michigan State University.


Constantly recalibrating her skill set, Ami Nicole always views herself as a student of the game. She has always believed that having more than one focus and keeping herself well-rounded is the way to stay successful and ready for anything. After studying at Eastern Michigan University for Communications Technology with a focus on Digital and Print Media and a minor in Digital Journalism, she secured multiple media partnerships. She has been published across 60 radio stations across the country and has bylines in photography and written word for High Times Magazine, The Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily, Detroitisit, The Detroit Local, Between Two Bolts, Official Indie, and many more.


Striking out on her own, she founded ACRONYM ZINE, a Music and Culture Publication operating out of Detroit, Michigan. She has covered musical acts across all genres, including My Chemical Romance, The Smashing Pumpkins, Billie Eilish, Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, Shinedown, and Destructo. She has also had the pleasure of photographing multiple music festivals, including Movement Festival (Electronic) and Upheaval Festival (Hard Rock & Metal). Her efforts in photography and journalism crowned her a dual-year winner for Hour Detroit’s Best Of in 2017 for Portrait Photography and Local Website.


As the industry began pivoting to video, Ami Nicole ventured into video content. Her directorial debut with House Music legend Matt Warren for his song “Get On Up” landed her first music video on MTV, BET, and VH1, garnering over 100K views. She continued to work with Wake Up! Music Group CEO Pepper Gomez and directed a Body-Positive music video with women of every size, which also debuted on MTV for AFTR’s “Humboldt Swagger.”


In 2018, after years of working on minimal budget sets and directing non-union music videos, she secured a spot in the film industry as a Still Photographer. Ami Nicole worked on her first feature film, ‘Wolf Hound,’ directed by Michael B. Chat. This opened her up to a new career pathway and gained her more work in the film industry, including Still Photography for James Maslow and Big Time Rush, as well as commercials, campaign videos, and more. Her photography has been featured on social media accounts for Arri, as well as write-ups from Panavision and technical websites focusing on the making of these projects. She also gained a new title to her credits, Co-Producer, on Big Time Rush’s music video for “Weekends” in 2023.


During the pandemic, with the live music industry practically underwater, she continued to expand her journalism efforts, along with embarking on content creation. Ami Nicole partnered with companies like TikTok, Citizen, LĒVO, Eaze, and High Times, elevating her personal brand by coming out from behind the camera and keyboard.


She began teaching tips about Social Media & Marketing, as well as discussing Mental Health and holistic practices for artists who often struggle without proper support from their peers, who sometimes are the only ones who truly understand how they feel. She is also the founder and showrunner for a recurring mini Arts & Music Festival called ‘Found In the Underground,’ which aids local artists and musicians in showcasing their talents, creating a sense of community, and providing a platform for visibility within Detroit and its surrounding cities.


In 2023, she began to recalibrate her focus for her photography. While still operating ACRONYM ZINE as the Editor-In-Chief with freelance writers and photographers to aid the publication, she made the difficult decision to narrow down her services. Ami Nicole excels best when she’s passionate about what she’s working on, so she chose to specialize her photo services in Concert and Festival Photography, Content Creation, and Portraiture for Musical Artists and Creators, as well as Still Photography for Films and Music Videos.


Her goals in 2024 are to go on a long leg of a tour with a band or artist to create photo and video content, work on more feature films and music videos, and continue to excel and expand in Portrait Photography for Musical Acts and Creators.


If you wish to hire Ami Nicole, ACRONYM, in any of these areas, please reach out via email at